Made a bad discision, without second guessing what I did ...
Better for everyone that I leave the battle board.
This used to be funny but no more.

Stars! bio :

Game name Parameters Playing Hosting END
The Old Ones   X   none
Chicago Rumble (as replacement) X   none
Pure (as replacement) X   win
Third - The Big One! (as replacement) X   win
Have a Life 2 (team game) X   draw
Galactic Wars 2   X   none
Forgiven (team game) X   loss
Loosing all sense of Reality (AR only) X X none
The 100-days War (team game) X X win
The 101-days War (team game)   X  
We Have Explosive!   X   win
Swamp (team game) (as replacement) X   loss
Lonewolf   X   win
Claustrophobia (OWW) X X win
Capture the Planets (team game) X X win
Capture the Planets 2 (team game)   X  
3 on 3 (team game) X   win
Wild Knife Fight II   X   win
BiW4 (team game) X   win
Quite All Right (OWW) X   loss
Wild Knife Fight II - The Legend Continues   X   win
Lesser Choices   X X win
Penta (team game) X X win
ARgame (AR only) X   none
Static Flux (team game) X   none
IROC WM   X   win
Rings 1 (team game) X X win
Rings 2 (team game)   X  
Twin World winder (OWW) X X loss
Twin World winder Two (OWW) X X win
War of the Worlds   X   loss
A Winter's tale   X   loss
Twin World winder team edition (team game) (OWW) X X win
Digital Domination   X   loss
Antiball     X  
Communication Blackout   X   win
Babylon5 version2   X   loss
Schizophrenia (team game) X   win
Reach for the Top   X   loss
Octahedron   X   win
Diadochi War II   X   loss
Open War (team game) X   none
Rules & Regulations   X   loss
Vidrihine ship set    
... LEGO ship set